Join us for our next PAC meeting:  Tuesday June 18, 2019 at  6:30, DKMS Library

Dr. Kearney PAC Executive — 2018/2019

President – Kara Hempler

Vice President – Sherri Mytopher

Treasurer – Kim Burton

Secretary – Corrie Bennie

Contact Info:

What have we been up to this year so far:

Little things: so far this year we have been able to help Dr Kearney band students by contributing money to their up coming trip, we also donated some funds to Musical Theatre to help them be able to purchase some much needed sound equipment for future performances.

Bigger things: for the last 3 years DKPAC has been saving grant money and raising funds through chocolate and candy bags sales and pizza and float days to purchase some outdoor exercise equipment. This equipment will be much like the set up at Kin Park and accessible to the entire community. It’s a big expense but we are finally able to make our first purchase this year to get it started! We have purchased an: Air Walker, Multi-Fit machine, Chest Press, Warm up Station and Push up/Reverse Push up station. We are so excited to finally see our plan happen! This will be a great addition to our school and community! Install hopefully May 2019.

Please feel free to contact us at any time during the school year and as always join us for a meeting they are only once per month and lots of information to share. If you aren’t able to make it to a meeting but want to know what’s happening let us know we would be happy to email you the minutes and keep you caught up.


Kara Hempler

DK PAC President