Kearney this week May 1-5

 Dr. Kearney Middle School

Parent Information 


May 1-5



Important Days

May 5 – NID for Indigenous Learning Day – no school for studets

May 8 to 12 – Rik Leaf workshops for Grade 7s 

May 22 – Victoria Day – no school

May 31 – 9:00 a.m.  Andy – Scientist

June 1 & 2 – Honk daytime performances

June 2 and 3 – Honk evening performaces


New Info

  • Enrichment change forms will be available on Monday.  They will be accepted until Thursday. 


Some Reminders:

  • Absences – To verify a child’s absence, please call Barb Chaput at 250 785 8378 or email her at  If you get an email about an absence that you think is a mistake, please ca
  • If your family is currently struggling financially, the school may be able to help support you in some ways.  We now have a pantry where students and parents can help themselves to various grocery items.  This is something we can only offer this year due to some funding the government has given out. Our YCW, Beth Dick, is in charge of this.   Please reach out to us if you want more information on what we can offer and ask for Beth or for one of the administrators. 
  • Bathroom stalls. We do have a policy that if more than one student is in a bathroom stall, we will send them home.  We find that usually, when more than one student is involved, it often also involves skipping class, vaping, vandalism, etc 
  • Report It –  Please walk students through this way to report concerns.  There are QR codes placed around the school to make accessing the site easy. 
  • Indigenous Program – Indigenous Support Teacher Mr. Lovell is available on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the CRC room for academic support. Tuesday and Thursday for in classroom support. Sylvia (Indigenous Support Worker) is available for in-class and in-office support Monday to Friday.


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