About DKMS

Dr. Kearney Middle School is a vibrant grade 7-9 middle school. We are situated within the bustling community of Fort St. John, which is located in the beautiful Peace River Valley. We enroll a diverse student population of about 525 students, 20 % of whom are of First Nations descent. Our school has a staffing compliment of 33 teachers and over 20 support staff. The staff includes a principal, vice principal, counseling services, special education personnel and part time librarian. In addition to a full range of educational services the school also supports a Life Skills program for students living with physical and developmental challenges.

Our school embodies a commitment to child centered learning, a focus on collaborative planning, and a caring environment in which we can provide a quality education. We have an active Parent Advisory Committee and a supportive parent community. This year our school will be focusing on developing the literacy skills of our students, and improving student achievement in mathematics. Some other exciting dimensions of our school include our outstanding programs in the areas of visual and performance arts, our provincially acclaimed 1st Nations Program and the extensive range of extra curricular opportunities that are available to students.

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