Code of Conduct

Dr. Kearney Middle School Code of Conduct

At Dr. Kearney, we challenge, encourage and support all our community members to become responsible citizens capable of adapting to and improving the world.

We believe that all people are worthy of and capable of giving respect, that all people can learn, and that all people have the right to a safe, healthy, caring, orderly and appealing workspace.

All community members accept an appropriate level of responsibility to abide by, uphold and/or enforce the articles of this code, whether at school or while attending or participating in any school-related activity. All community members accept that failure to do so will result in appropriate consequences and sanctions being imposed upon them.

The maintenance of a positive school climate must be a shared responsibility of all community members. Students, parents, teachers, staff, advisors, house coordinators and administrators all play a role in creating a positive school climate.

Conduct Expectations – Rights and Responsibilities

All Dr. Kearney community members have the right to live, learn and work in an atmosphere of mutual respect and courtesy. Therefore, they are responsible for showing respect for all staff, parents, students, the school and themselves.

All Dr. Kearney community members have the right to be safe and secure from threatening, abusive, and violent behaviours, intimidation, and bullying, cyberbullying, discrimination, or harassment based on appearance, capacity, physical or mental disability, race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, sex, real or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age or any other reason. Members also have the right to be safe from retribution. Therefore, they are responsible for avoiding participation in or encouraging any of those acts, either in word or action, in person or electronically. All community members need to seek means other than physical confrontation when dealing with conflict.

All Dr. Kearney community members have the right to a workspace free of distractions like foul language, garbage, graffiti or inappropriate clothing. Therefore, they have the responsibility to avoid the use of profanity, to dress appropriately and not litter or otherwise deface school property.

All Dr. Kearney community members have the right to learn in an effective and efficient environment free of unnecessary interruptions and delays, including the misuse of electronic devices. Therefore, they have the responsibility to arrive at all classes on time, properly equipped, and prepared to give their best effort and not obstruct others’ learning with immature or inappropriate behaviour. School expectations for the appropriate use of technology must be followed.

All Dr. Kearney community members have the right to a safe and healthy smoke, vape and drug/alcohol-free workspace. Therefore, they have the responsibility not to use, be under the influence of, carry or possess illegal or inappropriate substances, including weapons, anywhere while on or around school property or at school activities whenever or wherever held.

Forms of unacceptable conduct above are not an all-inclusive list.


The consequences of unacceptable conduct will be appropriate and fair but flexible enough to consider and adapt to any given situation or individual circumstances. Consequences will increase in severity for repeated offences.

As students become older, they are expected to display increased responsibility, accountability and self-discipline. Wherever possible, consequences will be preventative and restorative instead of punitive, and they will involve meaningful student input.


As circumstances warrant, school officials are responsible for advising other parties of serious breaches of the Code of Conduct. With serious breaches, parents or guardians of the offender and victim will be notified.

As required by policy or law, the school district, the police, or other agencies may be notified. The school community may also be notified depending on the nature and severity of the incident.


The DKMS Code of Conduct has been structured to align with and adhere to the standards outlined in:

  • School District 60 Code of Conduct
  • School District 60 Discrimination, Assault, Bullying and Harassment Policy
  • The School Act – Provincial Standards for Codes of Conduct Order
  • BC Human Rights Code – Sections 7 & 8
  • BC Ministry of Education: Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools – Section Two