2019/2020 School Supplies from School Start

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to purchase your school supplies through School Start for the 2019/2020 school year.  Please see the parent/guardian letter explaining the program as well as the Grade 7, and  8/9 school supply lists. You have the option of ordering online or completing and returning the order form and payment to the DKMS office.  The deadline for paper orders is June 21, 2019.  School supplies ordered through School Start will be shipped directly to your address.

If you have questions please contact School Start by email info@schoolstart.ca or phone 1-800-580-1868 or Fax: 1-800-580-1890. If you would like a generic supply list please contact the DKMS office.

2019 Parent/Guardian Letter

DKMS_SchoolStart_SupplyLists GRADE 7

DKMS_SchoolStart_SupplyList GRADE 8:9