• Welcome Back!!

    We hope everyone has had a pleasant summer and is ready for a great new school year!!
    Tuesday, September 3rd – Grade 7s ONLY – 9:00-11:00 am
    Regular Schedule Begins for ALL Students on Wednesday.  Remember –

  • Closed Campus, Lunch, TAG, Smoking

    Dr. Kearney Middle School is a CLOSED CAMPUS.  This means:

    all visitors MUST report to the office – former students need the approval of the principal or vice-principal in order to visit
    Grade 7 and 8 students are not allowed to leave the campus UNLESS parents/guardians have signed the permission form (sent home in the package) allowing them to go HOME,

  • PE and Accelerated Math Offered “Outside the Timetable”

    Please read the attached document for information about PE 8, PE 9 and Accelerated Math 8/9/10 being offered outside the timetable.
    “Outside the Timetable” means that students will not be scheduled into a face-to-face class.  They will have a free block every second day at either the beginning or end of the day depending on the course.  During this free block there will be no supervision or space for the student so the student must make arrangements to be picked up,