Closed Campus, Lunch, TAG, Smoking

Dr. Kearney Middle School is a CLOSED CAMPUS.  This means:

  • all visitors MUST report to the office – former students need the approval of the principal or vice-principal in order to visit
  • Grade 7 and 8 students are not allowed to leave the campus UNLESS parents/guardians have signed the permission form (sent home in the package) allowing them to go HOME, alone, for lunch.  Students must carry the card they will be issued and arrive back on time.  This card does NOT give the student permission to go anywhere except home for lunch.
  • Grade 9 students are allowed to leave the campus during lunch; however, they MUST be back on time.


Parents/Guardians – please respect the start times of class by helping ensure that your student arrives back on time.  Please note that TAG is not part of lunch.  TAG is a class which is important to our culture as a middle school.  TAG is not only used for developing relationships between staff and students, but it is also important for communication and setting common expectations.  Our Positive Behaviour Support Team is going to be creating lessons and activities for TAG that will help bring us all on the same page with the same goals and expectations for our students.  TAG is a requirement of all students attending DKMS.


Smoking is not permitted on school property.  No students are permitted to leave the campus between classes or at breaks.  Only Grade 9 students and Grade 7 & 8 students with signed passes are allowed to leave at lunch.  Students who leave the campus to smoke between classes and breaks and students who leave campus without permission will be subject to discipline procedures.  Grade 7 students can refer to the letter sent in the spring from Stephen Petrucci, Assistant Superintendent.