• Yellow Zone

    Dear parents,
    We currently have a lot of staff away due to illness.  Please be checking your email in case changes need to occur.  Please consider that we are now in the yellow or cautionary zone.

  • This week at Kearney Jan 31-Feb 4

    Upcoming dates 
    Feb 9 & 10 – NPSS Counsellors visiting grade 9 Tags
    Feb 17 – NPSS and ELC tours for grade 9 students
    Feb 11 – last day for elective changes
    Semester 2 begins on Monday.  

  • Changes due to current Covid-19 Regulations

    Changes in the day:
    Classrooms will be open at 8:30.  Students are to go to classrooms as soon as they are at school.
    There will no longer be a recess break.  Students will be allowed to eat snacks from home during morning classes when needed.

  • NEW Elective Options

    We are excited to be offering two new electives for semester 2.
    Advanced Shop (with Ms. Ouellette) – grade 8 and 9
    Rock Band (with Ms. Gunn) – grade 9
    Any students who are interested need to talk to Ms.

  • This Week At Kearney

    As per the letter sent out earlier from the district office, school is closed except for students of essential workers.  Supervision of these students will be provided and will include some gym time and tutorial time,