Changes due to current Covid-19 Regulations

Changes in the day:

Classrooms will be open at 8:30.  Students are to go to classrooms as soon as they are at school.

There will no longer be a recess break.  Students will be allowed to eat snacks from home during morning classes when needed.

Canteen will be open.  Students in each grade will be given a 10 minute window during lunch to access the canteen.

Functional Closures: 

Most of this information and more can be found in the parent letter from our superintendent.

Status:  Green – no closure

Discussion:  Functional closures may occur where the school is shut down due to lack of staffing if enough staff are required to be in isolation as directed by Northern Health.  Closures may be partial or full.  We will be letting you know as soon as possible.

Our colour coding system is to make this simple.  Green means no closure.  Yellow means we are concerned about not having enough staff and please check your email or the school website before sending your child to school.  Red indicates there is a closure at our school. Please remember that closures may happen suddenly if enough staff are suddenly required to isolate.

If there is a closure, we will be providing online learning or a paper package for students. These will be available the second day of a closure.