• Healthy Living and Smoking Regulations

    Dr. Kearney Middle School operates under the Ministry of Education policy Tobacco-Free Schools. This policy is an extension of the Tobacco Control Act, which deems any use of tobacco on school grounds at any time, to be against the law.

  • Rebecca Young Memorial Scholarship – Silent Auction Saturday May 13th

    Dr. Kearney Middle School will be hosting their second annual Charity Musical Café Artisan Silent Auction this Saturday, May 13th at Whole Wheat and Honey from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. All money raised will be going towards the Rebecca Young Memorial Scholarship which is awarded to local graduating students to help in their post-secondary lives.

  • DK Epicure Fundraiser

    Dr. Kearney Middle School will be running a fundraiser through Epicure’s Summer BBQ catalogue. It will run May 1st – May 15th. The money raised will be used for science field trips. The Epicure consultant will not be receiving any financial benefit from the fundraiser and is donating her time to help make this happen.