DK Epicure Fundraiser

Dr. Kearney Middle School will be running a fundraiser through Epicure’s Summer BBQ catalogue. It will run May 1st – May 15th. The money raised will be used for science field trips. The Epicure consultant will not be receiving any financial benefit from the fundraiser and is donating her time to help make this happen.

The school would prefer parents order online. This will save our school money, and it is easier on our environment. Here is the link to the online Fundraiser:

Online Fundraiser Catalogue

If you prefer to have a paper copy would you please email Mrs. Seanagh Strebchuk with your child’s name and that of his or her TAG teacher, and she will deliver a catalogue to your child. Her email is:

Orders must be complete by May 15th.  For more information, please see the attached letter or contact Mrs. Strebchuk.