Course Selection 2013/14

TAG teachers have started to give out course interest and selection sheets to grade 7 and grade 8 students.  Please have your child’s course selection into the office by the end of April so that decisions can be made regarding which courses will be offered, what staffing needs to be done, etc.  If there is not enough interest in some courses, they will not be offered next year.  Students need to pick their top four or five preferences and three or more alternates.

PLEASE NOTE – choosing a course does NOT mean that a student will get that course.  We try to give students a couple of their top picks; however, sometimes a course simply cannot be fit into their timetables and we must go with alternates.  As well, if a student has a specialty course such as Musical Theatre, Leadership, Yearbook, Competitive Gym (which are only offered once), it can be very difficult to give them some of their other top picks.  We are trying to offer a variety of courses…more than in the past…but students need to understand that they will not get all of their top picks because it is not possible to offer every course in every block.

Click the link below for a copy of the course descriptions.

Courses 2013