Dressing Appropriately

This is just a reminder for parents and students about dressing appropriately for school.  DKMS is a public school and we have asked that students dress appropriately for ‘a public workplace’.

We do not wish to be clothing police.  We have asked students to wear clothing that does not reveal their underwear or too much skin.  Staff will have a conversation with students about their clothing–we have asked students to be respectful and not turn a conversation into a confrontation.  Students may be asked to change their clothes, cover up, or go home and change.

Please have a look at your child’s clothing.  Are the shorts long enough to cover your child if he/she bends over?  Are tops missing large chunks of material?  Is underwear visible?  Students have been encouraged to ask if their clothing is appropriate and to bring an extra shirt/pants in case they need to cover up.