Early Dismissals and NID

Students will be dismissed one hour early (2:11 pm) on Wed. Nov. 30th and Thurs. Dec. 1st.  As well, there is no school for students on Fri. Dec. 2nd.

The Early Dismissal Days and Non-Instructional Day (NID) are for reporting to parents.  If you would like to speak with your child’s teacher(s) about his/her progress, please come to the school during the Early Dismissal Days or the NID.  You can also talk to your child’s teacher(s) by calling the school (250-785-8378) or e-mailing your teacher.  (firstinitiallastname@prn.bc.ca)  For example: to e-mail Jerelyn Orcutt, send the message to jorcutt@prn.bc.ca