Enrichment – Term 3

Below are the teachers, topics and descriptions of enrichment options for term 3.  Students can indicate their choice either by filling in the form emailed to them on their learn60 account or by talking to their TAG teacher.

OuelletteAdvanced Metal Shop​Grade 8/9 only. Students must have taken metal shop this year. You must have passed all safety exams associated with metalshop. 4 advanced students will be leading a go-cart building project. (Cap of 15 students)
GouldArt Club​Explore various art mediums and styles. You are welcome to bring your own art that you would like to do or projects will be provided.
R BasonBuddlies ClubPartnering with a kindergarten class at one of the close elementary schools. Students will be planning activities such as crafts and games and then visiting the kindergarten class once a week to hang out with the kids and leading the activities with them.
Read/GinnChess ClubPlay chess! Learn the basic rules, as well as introductory strategic principles. Beginners welcome.
BarrantiCNC and Laser Machines Graphic Design​We will be looking at basics of graphic design and linework needed to create projects for the CNC router and laser machines. Main project goal is to design a crib board or other similar game board. Comfortable with computers must as this is computer designing; previous woodworking is not a prerequisite.
DrakeDangers of DisneyWill watch and analyze the good and the bad of Disney. (will compare and contrast the old to the new) look into why they didn’t recreate some.
KayeDragon’s DenStudents will learn about business and entrepreneurship through designing a product and analyzing episodes of Dragon’s Den. At the end of the course, students will go through the process of pitching their self-designed product to a panel of “dragons.”
BedfordDungeons and DragonsThe core of D&D is storytelling. You and your friends tell a story together, guiding your heroes through quests for treasure, battles with deadly foes, daring rescues, and much more. Students will create playable characters that can go on epic adventures that can span the entire course. In D&D, your character can literally attempt to do anything: want to tame that fierce dragon rather than kill it so that you and your friends can ride it into battle? You can certainly try! D&D rewards creative thinking, so let your imagination run wild! Students will also learn about fictional world-building and plot development, working together to create a protagonist, antagonist, sidekick/best friend, and mentor non-playable characters that will be involved in their co-created stories/world.​​
MacGillivrayExtinction!Do you know how many animals go extinct everyday? Do you know what the Tasmanian Tiger, Great Auk. Raphus cucullatus or Eurasian Aurochs are? Come spend time researching whos, whys and hows of extinction of many different animals and what may be next.
O’BrienFilm Studies: ProductionExplore the aspects of film and film making in technical and artistic means. Term 3 will be Film Production and students will create a movie from screenplay to production to final edits.
Fleming/BurtonFloor Hockey5 on 5 games in the gym.
Burton/FlemingGame Design / Advanced RoboticsThis Enrichment will be in two parts. For the first half, students will be exploring elements of game design (such as mechanics, story, characters and artwork), with some basic coding and game construction. Topics will also include AI, controls, etc related to robotics. For the second half, students will further develop their robotics knowledge through an advanced robotics project. **Advanced Robotics can only be taken if the student has taken/is taking a robotics course & achieved/is achieving a passing grade.**
GlennGardening​Take the opportunity to learn about and implement gardening practices within the school that you can use yourself at home!
LowtherGenius HourBecome an expert on something you are interested in. Do research. Do expts. Whatever you need to prove what you want to know.You must be willing to present what you have learned during the 2nd and 3rd week of June to the rest of the class in a formal presentation.
CiminiKearney’s TourneysGeared towards those who love sports and games based on sports. It will involve organizing and playing tournaments in a variety of games such as table hockey, mini-sticks, ping pong, foosball, and PlayStation eSports (Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Racing).
Vaissi NagyLeadership“Leaders are made, not born.” Our leadership group studies leaders we admire, practices leadership skills and – most importantly – plans, volunteers, raises money, and puts on events that benefit our community. In the third term, more and more responsibility will be given to students as we work toward our goals and focus on our main job: making more leaders.
Alexander/GunnMusical Theatre/Choir 2023!If you want to be involved in the musical next year you must attend this enrichment. We will be reading the following musicals and starting to pick which show we will do based on student ability and talent. We will be working on auditioning and vocal training for the fall season. Frozen, Mohana, Honk, Descendants.
Telizyn & StrebchukNeedlework/Hand CraftsStudents will learn basic needlework. It will include cross stitch and embroidery stitches. Students will make a small cross stitch picture and a button embroidery project.
DuffyNintendo SwitchEach student will be required to bring their own Nintendo Switch to the Enrichment blocks.
BennettQuilling and paper ArtA process of folding and wrapping paper to form cards and pictures that are of 3d quality. Some Orgami will be happening to supplement.
Read/GinnReading/Homework ClubA space dedicated to quiet study time. Students are welcome to read, or get caught up on their classwork. A teacher is available to provide assistance.
KestelootRunning ClubLong distance running. Students will be going for runs on various running routes in the surrounding parks and neighbourhoods around the school.
LoganSchool NewsStudents will deliver school news content to the students and staff of Dr. Kearney through a variety of digital mediums. The form that this takes will ultimately be up to the students, but could include things such as a news website, podcasts, videos, photographs, etc. The group will need tech experts, writers, photographers, and editors. If you are interested in any type of journalism, this is a great option.​
WoodSuperfitDevelop strength and conditioning skills through monitered programming. Emphasis on technique and development of 4 compound lifts (deadlift, squats, overhead press, and bench press) supported with accessory movements and cardiovascular work. Participants must be ready to workout, follow a program, and be receptive to technique and form corrections.
T BurridgeTrading CardsMagic: The Gathering, Yu-gi-oh, Pokémon. Learn the rules, learn strategies, play some games. If you have your own cards, bring them to test out against others!