Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)

What is the FSA?

The Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) is a set of reading, writing, and numeracy assessments administered to BC students every year in Grades 4 and 7. They are the first two of four provincial assessments: Grade 4 FSA, Grade 7 FSA, and the graduation assessments in Literacy and Numeracy.

What is the purpose of the FSA?

The FSA provides a “snapshot” of how well BC students are doing in key foundational areas. The results help answer important questions, such as:

  • Are all students learning vital skills they will need in school and in life?
  • Is student achievement improving over time?
  • Are there any trends in student performance at the school, district, or provincial levels?

Along with classroom assessment information, the FSA provides valuable information to parents on how their child is performing in reading, writing, and numeracy.

Grade 7 students at Dr. Kearney will start writing the FSA between October 2 and November 10. Parents will receive their student’s results after the assessments are scored in November.

For more information: FSA Parent Brochure