Grade 7 Country Harvest!

We know our grade seven students will become leaders of Dr. Kearney Middle School. In order to help them succeed, we had some grade seven students take a leadership role in creating an event, The Country Harvest, for their peers. Over the past month, the leadership group has met with Mrs. Gorsic during their lunch hours to plan all aspects of the event. They have created interactive activities and planned music for a dance at the Country Harvest. Students have demonstrated great commitment and learned a multitude of skills that will help them in all aspects of building a positive community.

We would like to thank the grade seven students that organized and volunteered to supervise stations during our event. Many other students/parents donated their time and made food for our bake sale to help us have more events this school year. Our staff here at Dr. Kearney have been very accommodating and also spent time with the students to help them put on the event. Thank you to everyone for a successful and very fun event.   - Mr. Logan