Kearney this week November 6 – 10


Dr. Kearney Middle School

Parent Information 

November 6-10, 2023



General Information


Quarter 1 ends – November 8

Quarter 2 begins – November 9

  • Grade 7 electives for Q2 begin
  • Thursday – enrichment block – students will be choosing enrichment


Enrichments Offered for Q2


Asai, KimScience Fair
Baker-Watson, CassandraPeer Reading
Barranti, BryanSchool Holiday Decorations
Bedford, MarkDND: Beginners to Experts
Bennett, Jo-AnneBook Club
Burridge, JonahObscure Sports Quarterly
Burton, ChrisTrading Cards and TableTop Games
Cimini, DanMini-sticks
Fleming, DylanJapanese
Garba, KabeerA Quiet Place
Glenn, LindaBoard Games
Gould, LaurieDrawing – MAX 30
Gunn, Sandra & Cresswell, MarkKaraoke
Haley, BruceHomework Club
Hansen, Katie & Mitchell, SheleneOpen support block
Higgs, RichardSafe Space
Jones, Ashlynne & Boissonnault, Jason & Freed, KristenMusical Theatre
Kui, EliasFilm Studies: East vs. West
Logan, MattNews Show
Martin, KeilahMath Contests
McMullin, MikeCribbage
O’Brien, MikeFilm Studies 2: Franchise Starters
Telizyn, KimChess
Vanderlinde, NicTable Tennis
Watson, DwayneSoccer games
Williams, YvonneCross Stitch


Learning updates. 


Student reflections are due on November 8.  Report cards will be sent home November 20. 


We welcome parents into our building for parent teacher conferences on November 22, 23 and 24.  Even if you don’t have any specific concerns, our teachers appreciate meeting you and touching base in person regarding your child.  Please contact your child’s teacher to book an appointment. For grade 8s and 9s, we are able to schedule a school based team visit which allows you to meet with all of your child’s teachers at once.  Again, this can be booked through your TAG teacher.  Let your TAG teacher know if you would like any support team members present (Learning Assistance, Youth Care Worker/Counsellor, Indigenous Support person, House Coordinator, Administrator).


A form will also be sent out to help make booking convenient for parents.


Here are some updates from the ministry on the new reporting order


PAC Meeting


November 7 6:30 pm Library


We encourage parents to come out to this meeting.  It is a great chance to meet with other parents and school administration to find out what is happening, connect, and share concerns. 


Some Behavioural Concerns


Please talk to your child about the following behaviour concerns


  • We have had too many issues with snowballs.  We will no longer be allowing snowball to be thrown. 
  • There have been a number of reports regarding students’ comments to other students’ statements encouraging the other student to self harm. Such comments, even when joking, are not okay in our school. 
  • Sometimes medical emergencies happen in our school.  We want to protect the privacy of those involved.  Please respond quickly when a staff member requests you move to a certain part of the school.  Videotaping of such incidents is never okay.  We want to have a respectful environment. We do not want an individual’s private moments put onto social media, stored on phones, or shared with friends. 


Leaving school property – If you would like your child to have permission to leave school property at lunch, please see Barb at the office for a form to document this. Students without the form completed are expected to stay on school property unless parents call in for that specific day. 


Please remind students they are not to be on our neighbours’ private property. 


DK Purdy’s Fundraiser – 



Helmets are required for scooters, skateboards and bikes


Absences – To verify a child’s absence, please call Barb Chaput at 250 785 8378 or email her at  If you get an email about an absence that you think is a mistake, please call.


Bathroom stalls. We do have a policy that if more than one student is in a bathroom stall, we will send them home.  We find that usually, when more than one student is involved, it often also involves skipping class, vaping, vandalism, etc 


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