Kearney this week Oct 10-13

 Dr. Kearney Middle School

Parent Information 



Important Days

Oct 10 – 6:30 pm PAC Meeting

Oct 18 – Photo retakes

Oct 20 – NID day


General Information


Kearney Chronicles Watch the latest news from our news enrichment team


Theme for the week – Thanksgiving



Helmets are required for scooters, skateboards and bikes


Absences – To verify a child’s absence, please call Barb Chaput at 250 785 8378 or email her at  If you get an email about an absence that you think is a mistake, please call.


Bathroom stalls. We do have a policy that if more than one student is in a bathroom stall, we will send them home.  We find that usually, when more than one student is involved, it often also involves skipping class, vaping, vandalism, etc 


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