Kearney this week: Sept 11-19, 2023

 Dr. Kearney Middle School

Parent Information 

September 11 -19


It has been wonderful to have our school full of activity and excitement again.  September is a very busy month as we all get use to routines and schedules for the year.  Please note the open house and PAC meetings.  We would love to welcome you to our building and have a chance to meet with you face to face. 


Important Days


September 11 – Request for Course Change forms sent out by email (this if for all courses EXCEPT ENRICHMENT)

September  14 – Sign up in TAGs for enrichment

September 14, 15 – Picture day (Oct 16 Retakes) – 

September 15 – last day for course change forms to come i

September 19 – first day of enrichment – change forms sent out (enrichment only – not electives)

September 19 – 5:30 Open House

September 19  – 6:30 PM PAC Meeting

September 21 – 2:00 PM Terry Fox Run (Telizyn is organizing)

September 21 – Enrichment request for change forms due (this is for enrichment only) 

September 22 – NID Planning Day – students away – 

October 2 – Truth and Reconciliation Day – No School (this was an error on the last newsletter, please note the new date). 


Bus Stop – we have had lots of issues with vandalism at the bus stop.  Students will not be allowed to sit at the bus stop unless they have signed out/school is over and they are waiting to take the bus. 


Schedules  and changes- Schedule change forms were sent out on the weekend to everyone. They will be due on Monday.  Paper copies will be available at the office.  All requests need to be in by Wednesday.  There is limited room for movement so which students get moved will depend on the reasons for the switch. 


Lockers –  We really want to encourage students to get used to putting their not currently needed supplies into their lockers rather than carrying it with them.  Although we want to keep negatives to a minimum the first week, do let them know that there are a lot of people and things do get lost or possibly stolen.  The safest place for students to store their belongings is their locker.  Once their school fees are paid and processed (which may take a day after payment), students will receive their locker number and combination in TAG


Helmets are required for scooters, skateboards and bikes


Absences – To verify a child’s absence, please call Barb Chaput at 250 785 8378 or email her at  If you get an email about an absence that you think is a mistake, please call.


Bathroom stalls. We do have a policy that if more than one student is in a bathroom stall, we will send them home.  We find that usually, when more than one student is involved, it often also involves skipping class, vaping, vandalism, etc 


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