September Start Up

Welcome and Welcome Back!

Tuesday, September 8th – GRADE 7s ONLY

8:45 am – 11:00 am

Class lists will be posted by the office, in the Yak Shack and at classrooms. There have been a few changes since the orientation day in June.  When the bell goes, go to your classroom.

Celebration of Life for Rebecca Young – 3:30-5:30 pm

Wednesday, September 9th – ALL STUDENTS

8:45 am – 2:08 pm

TAG lists will be posted throughout the school.  Go to TAG when the bell goes.  There will be a hot dog lunch.  Dismissal is our usual early Wednesday time.

Thursday, September 10th….and on…ALL STUDENTS

8:45 am – 3:11 pm (except Wednesdays – 2:08 pm)

Supply lists are in a previous post.  No supplies are needed on the first day. Please remember to wear appropriate clothing.  The basics – nothing with drugs/alcohol/sexual/discriminatory content, torsos covered and not visible, underwear is not visible, shorts need to extend several inches down the leg, skirts need to go to the top of the knee or lower.  Expectations will be reviewed in class.