Student Walkout – from the Superintendent

There are a lot of rumours about a student walkout on Wednesday, June 4th.  Please read the information below.  We are concerned about student safety and encourage parents and guardians to make decisions that ensure that their children are safe.  As per usual, all absences, late arrivals, and early departures are to be verified by a parent or guardian.  Please call the school at 250-785-8378 to do so.  Unverified absences, etc. result in an automated call home.

From Dave Sloan, Superintendent, School District 60:

“Some media sites are pointing to the possibility of a student walk out, scheduled for 9 AM Wednesday in protest of the current labour dispute between the BCTF and the BC government.  School District 60 lists social responsibility as one of its key goals for all staff and students. The district sincerely hopes that all students will act in a socially responsible manner, and that they will continue to attend classes appropriately Wednesday.

The district expectation of full attendance Wednesday is in support of both providing students with the best education possible under the current circumstances, and in the interests of maintaining student safety.  It is important that schools be alerted by parents any time students need to leave buildings during the instructional day, and schools will need to report any unconfirmed absences to parents.  In the absence of any formal notification by parents, school staff will be directing students to attend classes as per normal. Your support and cooperation in discussing these expectations with your students is appreciated.”