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June 13, 2022

For Students

Helmets are required when using bikes, scooters or skateboards on school property
Just a reminder that even though hockey stick season is over, there are other items that are not allowed on the bus such as skateboards, scooters, fishing rods.

Softball practices MONDAY after school with Mr. O’Brien. If not enough students can come, then the team will be cancelled for Thursday’s tournament
Reflections need to be completed this week

Important Dates:

June 15: Fun day – afternoon,
June 16: Locker Clean out at end of day
June 17: 2 pm Talent show (parents are welcome!); Last day of regular classes
June 20, 2022 Grade 6 Day – no classes for grade 7-9
June 21 and 22: I days – only students scheduled to make up missed work attend
June 23:Morning only, last day of school


Students will be participating in a Summer Fun Day on Wednesday. This will be a carnival style activity with teachers running stations inside and outside the school. All students will be given 10 tickets by their TAG teacher. The 10 tickets will get them a hamburger lunch with chips and a drink. This will give them 3 tickets to participate at a venue. Some of the venues earn the students tickets by participating. Additional tickets can be purchased for 50cents per ticket. Most activities cost 2-4 tickets.
*Note: There will not be a refund for tickets at the end of the day. Many students are talking about bringing 100 dollars and purchasing tons of tickets. Please don’t encourage this as they won’t need that many tickets.

Here is a link to the schedule for Wednesday:

The following are the venues that students can participate in:

BBQ-7 tickets
Cotton Candy-2 tickets
Whack A Mole-1 ticket
Balloon Animals- 1 ticket
Sparkle Tattoo- 1 ticket
Sports Arcade- 1 ticket
Trampoline Target Shoot- 1 ticket
Slip & Slide- Free
Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches: 4 tickets
Popcorn- 1 ticket
Cupcake walk- 1 ticket
Hockey Shoot- 1 ticket
Wheel of Fortune Spin- 1 ticket
Secret ingredient of Doom- 1 ticket
Jurassic Park Room- 2 tickets
Bean Bag Toss- 1 ticket
Button Making- 1 ticket
Obstacle Course: 1 ticket
Ice Cream Floats: 4 tickets
Magic Show- 1 ticket
Pie Teacher in the face: Auction at the end of the day for students to spend their remaining tickets to be able to throw a pie at the following teachers:
O’Brien, Higgs, T & J Burridge, Burton, Cimini.

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