This Week at Kearney – February 6-10, 2023

 Dr. Kearney Middle School

Parent Information 


Feb 6 -10, 2023



Important Dates:


Feb 7 – NPSS Virtual Visit regarding choosing campus requests

Feb 7 – PAC meeting

Feb 13 – Commercial House Competition Deadline

Feb 14 – Red & Pink Day

Feb 16 – NPSS / ELC Campus Tours

Feb 17 – Pizza 73 Fundraiser (more information to come)


Grade 9 Transition Dates:

Feb 7 – NPSS Virtual Visit regarding completing campus choice requests

Feb 16 – Campus Tours for Grade 9

March 1 – Parent Night – NPSS

March 2 – Parent Night – ELC

March 6 – Campus Preference Forms due

March 17 – Campus Assignment Letters given out


Important Information:


  • Bathroom stalls. We do have a policy that if more than one student is in a bathroom stall, we will send them home.  We find that usually, when more than one student is involved, it often also involves skipping class, vaping, vandalism, etc 
  • Tutorials:  If you feel your child needs some extra academic support – here are a few options
    • Wednesdays from 2-3 we offer a drop in tutorial with teachers and EAs
    • Enrichment tutorial Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students can sign up for this on Tuesday. 
    • For students who are currently not passing math, there is a math enrichment that strengthens basic math skills through various games.  Students are assigned to this through recommendation by their math teacher. Please contact their math teacher or Ms. Braun if you would like to have your child considered for this. 
  • Lunchtime hallway behaviour:  Some expectations: 
    • no hands on behaviour (even friendly gestures are problematic),
    •  if you don’t know a person well, do not to tease them or steal things from them as a  joke, 
    • it is not okay to go around asking multiple people for money, 
    • please clean up after yourself: if you spill, there is a mop and paper towel available near the canteen
    • do not hang out around the North entrances or block the North end doors, 
    • no running or playing tag in the hallways.  

          Remind students that if there are repeated issues, there will be lunchtime detentions or reflection room assigned.    

  • Report It –  Please walk students through this way to report concerns.  There are QR codes placed around the school to make accessing the site easy. 
    • Absences – To verify a child’s absence, please call Barb Chaput at 250 785 8378 or email her at
  • Indigenous Program – Indigenous Support Teacher Mr. Lovell is available on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the CRC room for academic support. Tuesday and Thursday for in classroom support. Sylvia (Indigenous Support Worker) is available for in-class and in-office support Monday to Friday.
  • Creating a Commercial House Competition – There is currently a house competition to create a commercial to advertise our upcoming fundraiser with Pizza 73. Once those are prepared information will be shared out with parents / guardians. Students can ask their TAG teachers for details.
  • Red & Pink Day – On February 14, students who wear either red or pink will receive house points. The colour should cover a good portion of your outfit. Example, a red shirt would count. Red shoe laces would not.
  • Basketball Regionals – The 8/9 Girls and Boys competed in regionals this weekend in Dawson Creek. Despite their efforts, the 8/9 did not place in the top three. On the other hand, our 8/9 Boys took home the bronze medal by placing third. Well done, Cougars!
  • If your family is currently struggling financially, the school may be able to help support you in some ways.  Please reach out to us if you want more information on what we can offer. 


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