Wireless Writing Program – Meeting & Info

On Friday, Sept. 23 WWP forms were given out to all grade 7 students except those in Mr. Wilson’s class.  Mr. Wilson’s class will receive the forms on Monday, Sept. 26.

There will be a short meeting at 6:30 pm on Tues. Sept. 27th in the library. Jarrod Bell (Principal of Technology) and Ryan London (DK tech) will be at the meeting and can answer any questions you have.  At this time you can also compare the asset and serial numbers on the white verification form with the numbers on your child’s laptop.


  • White – ‘Confirmation of Receipt of Laptop’ – also known as the verification form – this form is required for all students in order to be issued a laptop
  • Blue – ‘Acceptable Use Agreement for Students who Wish to Take The Computer Home’ – only required IF you wish to have your child bring the laptop home.  You must pay $67 and your child will receive a back pack and an adapter for home use.
  • Green (or White) – Computer Acceptable Use Agreement – went home in the first set of forms – required for all students – if this wasn’t turned in already, a white one was included in the WWP package of forms


  • parents are in charge of the laptops when they go home
  • adapters are $110 each – students are discouraged from lending their home adapters to other students
  • students who take laptops home must bring them back fully charged
  • laptops do not have to go home – a memory stick is useful for transferring files from one computer to another